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The Washington Island Observer is owned and published by more than a dozen families who love the Island and live here at least part of the year.

The Observer won two Wisconsin Newspaper Awards (2012 and 2013). More than 70 volunteers have written stories for the paper in the past few years. With more than 1,000 subscribers, as well as newsstand readers, the Observer provides good advertising value.

In the Observer you will find:

•     Responsible reporting on essential Island issues. We cover the town board, the school board and the meetings and deliberations of committees in order to give readers a firm basis for forming their own opinions about Island affairs.
•     Profiles and features on older Islanders, interesting newcomers and unusual events and businesses.
•     Previews and reviews of books, plays and musical performances. We review local productions and publications and provide you with background, insights and honest appraisals.
•     Information about events related to the natural world. We keep you informed about lectures, workshops and demonstrations that explore and explain the Island’s flora and fauna.
•     Sports coverage: school sports, Little League, the Door County Baseball League, youth soccer and other activities like hunting, fishing, and golf.
•     Timely, accurate, and thorough calendars of events. When possible, feature articles and previews accompany the calendar, to publicize coming celebrations and festive occasions.
•     Opportunities for reader involvement. Readers are encouraged to express thanks, offer condolences and celebrate achievements. They may also submit letters, articles and commentaries in order to engage in dialog with other readers and local officials.

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